Unit 2 Multicellular Organisms

Unit Introduction

Welcome to the Multicellular Organisms unit, or as we like to call it....How do we work? Now that you know all about the internal workings of the cell, you're now going to explore the world of multicellular organisms - like you

Billions of years ago, the first organisms began to appear which consisted of more than one cell. This confers certain advantages to the organism, such as the specialisation of different cells to different functions, but it also brings some problems. A single-cell organism is able to acquire all of the resources it needs directly from the environment through its membrane...but how on earth does a cell in the middle of your body get the oxygen and glucose it needs? And how can it get rid of the accumulating waste which would just diffuse out of a unicellular organism? We'll explore the systems which have arisen to deal with these sorts of issues in this unit.